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Literary criticism about Thomas Carlyle has always lacked a certain centeredness about its organization. The fact is that the Carlyle Society has been the focal point of Carlylean studies. But they too need an online site. However, as I noted in my Carlylean bibliographies (A Centenary Bibliography of Carlylean Studies, Supplements I and II, published by the University of Edinburgh for The Carlyle Newsletter), the material published on and about Thomas Carlyle is vaguely centered AROUND Carlyle, but is rarely dealing with textual explication of his primary works. As the world wide web evolves, the problem of this centrifugal organization of Carlylean material exacerbates.  One seeks a fixed center. There is no one web site devoted to Thomas Carlyle. He lacks an online home page and a unified web site devoted to his diverse talents and works. This web site will attempt to rectify that centrifugal, spinning diversity so that scholars and students can find online research data in ONE place called the Thomas Carlyle Homepage.  It is hoped that scholars will contribute to this site directly.  Thus, this site will be both original and eclectic in content. It is also hoped that teachers, professors, and students of Thomas Carlyle’s works will contribute articles (WORD .doc or ZIP. format) or literary blogs to the submissions page of this web site.  It is clear that more Carlylean printed material (past and present) must find its way onto the web;  also, it is hoped that traditional scholars will research this site regularly for updated online publications by and about Thomas Carlyle, the Sage of Chelsea. This secular well is the Thomas Carlyle Homepage. Welcome.
Dr. R. W. Dillon, Editor.


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A week in London:  secular welling: visit to The Carlyle House 28 July 2005


The Sage of Chelsea's house


A wandering minstrel I, a thing of shreds and patches...


A few of the custodians of The Carlyle House, 24 Cheyne Row, Chelsea




Special thanks to David, Geoff, Ms. Vey, Jo et al who give of their gracious time to maintain Carlyle's house and who were extremely gracious to host my pilgrimage there.

A few pictures permitted me by Jo that were taken inside Carlyle's house:


Jane Welsh Carlyle's bedroom


Outside Carlyle's bedroom


the 80th birthday signatures


Carlyle's attic:  pictures and Prussian Order of Merit encased


Carlyle's attic:  east wall left


The attic:  Carlyle's smoking jacket and hat